Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So much for freedom of speech...


So apparently (this is all news to me) tomorrow Congress might pass a bill that will limit what we can post on the Internet, censoring websites, etc. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? And I could possibly be arrested just for posting my favorite song on Facebook? I could be arrested for filming myself singing karaoke? Not only that, but we as a class could be arrested for having these blogs that could possibly violate copyrights? I realize there's more to the bill than that, but I'm just saying these things to show just how ridiculous this bill is. This is the age of technology, and we as Americans are guaranteed the freedom of press and speech. So why limit what I can do on the Internet? I have a lot of covers of songs posted on YouTube with links to them on my Facebook. I reblog pictures that are probably copyrighted all the time on Tumblr. So if this bill passes and I'm not in class, it's because I was arrested.
Again, I just can't believe how ridiculous this bill is. I'm usually not involved in politics or anything to do with the government, but this is just outrageous. Why can't Congress talk about more important, pressing issues that won't violate the Bill of Rights? Ughhhh the American government makes me so angry sometimes. Whoops, I guess I should start being careful about what I say online!

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