Sunday, November 27, 2011

Talking Points #10

"Education is Politics" by Ira Shor

I read through the article and didn't really understand it at first, so I had to read through a few other blogs. Then after I understood the article, I realized that I had just pretty much demonstrated Shor's point in the article. By posting these blogs, we are able to go beyond the status quo and relate school learning into everyday life. By sharing our personal experiences (such as the many shared in last week's blogs), we are connecting our education with everyday life.
My Political Science class and this FNED class provide excellent examples for this article. (I know I like to compare these two classes a lot, but it's perfect because these two classes are completely opposite.) As we all know, our FNED class allows us to have excellent discussions about whatever topic we're learning about. We all share our personal stories, and I know a few of us (including myself) even discuss it outside the classroom. As soon as my husband picks me up after class is over, he asks me what we talked about in FNED. We have amazing discussions about the topics. The way that Dr. Bogad teaches allows our education to go beyond the classroom. On the other hand, I typically try to avoid discussing my Political Science class at home. If I am talking about it, it's because I'm complaining. The professor doesn't keep my attention at all, and doesn't even talk about relevant information. He's not even meeting the educational status quo as Shor describes it. I think more teachers should teach so that students at any age can relate to it outside the classroom. I'm still figuring out what kind of teacher I want to be, what works and what doesn't work. It seems to me that allowing education to go beyond the classroom helps students learn the material better and not just memorize it.
I'm still slightly confused on the article and don't think that I got the whole gist of it, so I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's discussion about it.

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courtney_xoxo said...

i like how you noted that you did something that was in the article. I think thats pretty cool :)